Artman Resident and Family Share Their Journey to Finding The True Comfort of Compassionate Care

March 1, 2021

Jay poses for the camera at Artman in Ambler, PAAt Artman, compassionate care is around every corner. With an outstanding team of professionals who are dedicated to providing safety and security for the people of this community, residents feel lucky to call Artman home. One resident in particular, Joseph, who moved to the community last summer can attest to Artman’s commitment to outstanding care.

“Everyone at Artman is so nice,” Joseph says. “The team members here really go above and beyond to care for residents,” he adds. Prior to moving to Artman, Joseph resided in Lafeyette Hill where he lived with his wife and raised his family. For a living, Joseph owned and operated an auto-body shop, and used to love riding his motorcycle around the area.

Years after Joseph retired from his satisfying career, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Living with his wife in their one story home, one day when Joseph was taking his medication for his condition, he suffered a terrible fall.  “I ended up breaking six ribs among other injuries. It was pretty bad,” Joseph recalls. Following his fall, Joseph was in need of traumatic care. “I was first taken to a rehabilitative facility that didn’t have a trauma center. So they had to send me to a different rehabilitation program in Philadelphia,” he explains.

Upon his stay in Philadelphia, Joseph lost circulation in his leg. “My foot turned black and they had to amputate my leg just above the knee,” he describes. As Joseph’s stay became longer, he and his family were not quite happy with the care he was receiving. With his house not being wheelchair accessible, Joseph’s children and wife knew he would have difficulties returning home.

The Crucial Search for a Safe and Caring Community…

“My house is one story but it has stairs in the living areas as well as the front entrance and it would be really difficult for me to get around in a wheelchair. I knew going home wouldn’t be best for me, but I was also not happy with the rehabalitative services I was receiving. My wife and daughter were trying to find a better place for me,” he explains.

Joseph’s daughter, Farrah, was determined to find her father a better home. “I searched through about 20 different retirement communities all over the map,” she says. “We really wanted to find a place that was going to take good care of him. Somewhere that he would be safe,” she adds.

Farrah and her family were familiar with Artman and had heard high regards about the community in the past. “We knew a couple of family friends who had lived at Artman and it was very well known to my mom. We felt more of a connection with this community than any other,” she reflects.

Upon inquiring more information about the community, Farrah had wonderful interactions with various staff members. “I had great conversations with the Director of Sales and Marketing, MaryAnn. She was so down to earth and asked me lots of questions about my family and my father’s care. I really felt that personal touch that I didn’t feel from any other communities,” she describes.

An Important Decision Made Easy

My mom and I knew that Artman would be the right place for my dad. We’re both extremely happy that he’s living there, and we feel relieved in knowing that he’s with people who take good care of him and keep him safe.

Farrah A., daughter of Artman resident

Thrilled with the care her father has received, Farrah says one of the greatest benefits for her dad since moving to Artman in addition to his compassionate care has been making connections with those around him. “It’s been so great for my dad to be around other people. He has so much more interaction than he did at home. My family and I are really looking forward to him meeting other residents and trying new things in the future,” Farrah affirms. Joseph agrees and is very happy to call Artman home.

The people here at Artman are so nice. The staff goes out of their way to help you with whatever you need. One of the things I enjoy most about living here is the care I get from staff.

Joseph F., resident at Artman

Joseph recalls numerous instances when Artman staff went above and beyond to ensure his smooth transition to the community. “When I moved from the second to the first floor, with my wheelchair it would’ve been very overwhelming for me to pack up all of my clothes. I had the idea of moving my dresser with all of the clothes inside it, and Artman staff were happy to do it for me,” he says. “They’re happy to do anything to help,” he adds.

“I also needed a firmer mattrees because with one leg, it’s difficult to sleep at night and turn over. As soon as I mentioned it, staff had a mattress ready for me within a couple hours,“ he says thankfully. “It’s little things like that, that really make a difference. Even just having someone overhear me saying it’d be nice to have a beer with dinner and then hours later a beer shows up with my meal. Those small things mean a lot,” he adds.

As Joseph is happy with Artman’s compassionate care, he greatly enjoys staying connected with family and friends. “I FaceTime with my wife and daughter every day. And my son who is stationed in Japan as a Naval Officer calls me every night,” he says. Strengthening connections with family, friends, and staff, Joseph feels lucky to have finally found a community where he feels at home.