Memory Care

Personalized Services For Those With Alzheimer’s & Dementia-Related Conditions

Memory Care at Artman Assisted Living Community provides highly personalized services for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related conditions.

Through Inspiring Today Memory Care at Artman, we live in the moment and appreciate the abilities and possibilities it contains. A proud sense of independence and achievement can still be experienced in setting a table, watering plants, personal grooming, painting a picture, whisking batter, or folding a basket of laundry.

Our Inspiring Today makes every moment more meaningful.

Inspiring Today is Artman’s progressive Memory Care program that creates a meaningful daily life for each resident while nurturing independence and preserving a person’s individual spirit.

Inspiring Today incorporates our Six Domains of Living Approach, which includes a variety of highly personalized activities that promote fitness, spirituality, cognitive acuity, creative expression, social interaction and more. Our specially trained staff helps residents live in the moment and focus on making each day more enriching.