Liberty Lifestyles

Aging Gracefully Does Not Mean Giving Up What You Love

At Artman, we are dedicated to our mission to faithfully empower and serve our residents by offering rewarding and meaningful events and experiences. We are committed to improving lives through our Liberty Lifestyles program that embraces the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

Monthly event calendars are created based upon the comprehensive Six 6 Dimensions of Wellness. This framework allows Artman to offer a wide range of activities, events, classes, and program offerings on a daily basis.

  • Physical: Encompassing regular physical activity and healthy eating habits.
    • We offer a multitude of fitness classes and nutritional education classes.
  • Social: Maintaining community and personal connections.
    • We offer programs to foster relationships and camaraderie amongst residents, staff, family, friends, neighbors and chosen peer groups.
  • Emotional: Recognizing awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings.
    • Through programs involving laughter, as well coping with pain, i.e. memorial services, we aim to provide programs to promote a healthy balance of emotions.
  • Intellectual/Cognitive: Stimulating the mind and expanding knowledge.
    • We offer a variety of programs, classes and lectures to promote creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities.
  • Spiritual: Living with meaning and purpose in life, guided by personal values.
    • We provide religious services, faith-based activities, and mindful exercise to create the opportunity for spiritual growth.
  • Occupational/Vocational: Enrichment in one’s life through work, skills and hobbies
    • We provide opportunities for giving back to the surrounding community, and promote the utilization of skills through work and creative talents.

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