Liberty Lifestyles

Aging Gracefully Does Not Mean Giving Up What You Love

Liberty Lifestyles is Liberty Lutheran’s health program at Artman. The program, which aims to help you reach your maximum level of independence, features highly trained coordinators who provide attention and tailored support to every resident through our Becoming Center.

This personalized focus makes Liberty Lifestyles an approach to resident wellness that few other senior living communities can match. What’s more, all of our Liberty Lifestyle coordinators receive focused training in bone and muscle anatomy and physiology and learn how to teach specific techniques to help you improve your resistance training, balance and flexibility.

The Liberty Lifestyles program begins with a thorough assessment of your strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. For residents in personal care or skilled nursing care, the assessment also evaluates level of cognition and ambulation. Once your assessment is complete, a specialized Liberty Lifestyles coordinator will give you a thorough understanding of your level of functioning and a plan that recommends exercises and activities to maintain or improve it.

To learn more about how The Becoming Center can become your new home for health and wellness, visit our page here.

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