Frightfully Fun Festivities: Artman Resident Experiences Her Very First Haunted House

November 7, 2019

Resident at Artman, Phyllis, had never been to a haunted house before. And although she has no previous comparisons, the community’s haunted house put together by staff and volunteers throughout Artman, did not disappoint her. Exceeding expectations, Phyllis says that this eerily extravagant occasion was spooky but nonetheless enjoyable.

An annual tradition, the community at Artman looks forward to hosting their spooktacular haunted house every Halloween, and this year was certainly no different. As members of staff wearing extravagant costumes paraded the halls, residents lined up alongside them to experience the thrills that awaited them.

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Upon her anticipation of experiencing a haunted house for the very first time, Phyllis was extremely excited to see Artman staff dressed up as various characters from Harry Potter for Halloween. From Community Life Director, Madeleine, fooling residents as Hermoine, to Music Therapist, Sarah, predicting futures as Sybill Trelawney, the staff at Artman spread magic and wizardry throughout the halls, and for Phyllis, a great amount of happiness that reminded her of family.

“My granddaughter is dressing up as Hermoine for Halloween,” Phyllis says explaining her excitement upon seeing Harry Potter characters strolling throughout her community’s halls. While her granddaughter’s Hermoine costume was absolutely magical, Phyllis says it is her granddaughter’s ambition that is especially inspiring. “She hopes to be Treasurer at her school,” Phyllis says, beaming with pride about the young 6th grader’s academic goals.

Phyllis shares that her granddaughter who lives nearby greatly enjoys visiting the community at Artman, “She’ll be coming here this weekend,” she says smiling. As Phyllis delights in chatting with Artman staff who present striking resemblances to their Potter-themed costumes, she prepares herself for the haunted journey ahead.

Making her way through the spooky expansion, Phyllis came across a larger than life wolverine, a creepy goblin, and a mysterious creature who she never saw coming from a dark and dreary corner. Exiting the mysterious building in one piece, Phyllis says her first haunted house was certainly scary, but with a beaming smile still across her face, the entire event was a tremendous success.

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