How Senior Director of Sales and Marketing MaryAnn McLaughlin Provides an Exceptional Tour Experience at Artman

August 10, 2022

MaryAnn McLaughlin is the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for the Artman Personal Care Community in Ambler, PA. As such, hers is the smiling face that provides prospective residents and their families an exceptional in-person tour experience of the Artman community and its award-winning levels of compassionate care in Personal Care, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, and Short Term Rehabilitation.

MaryAnn chats with a colleague

How MaryAnn Provides an Exceptional In-Person Tour Experience

When asked what contributes to an exceptional tour experience, MaryAnn immediately responds, “Being Prepared.” Prospective residents and their families get a taste of how well prepared she is, and the exquisitely customized attention and compassionate care that Artman provides, even before they arrive at Artman or meet MaryAnn in person. “On the telephone, I gather information about their loved one’s background, needs and interests so that I can be sure to offer them a true WOW experience as they become acquainted with the community and our dedicated team of caring professionals.”

MaryAnn excels at finding the right kind of supportive services for a family member and has done so at Artman for the last ten years.

A Family Affair At Artman

Two years ago, she exercised her skills with her own mother, Dolores. MaryAnn explains, “Mom lived alone about a half an hour away from our family and it had become tiring for her to drive distances to visit her children and friends, so we encouraged her to move here to Artman, where she could use this as a base to live securely, yet still go out with her friends for lunch or come over to my house or my sister’s for dinner.”

MaryAnn, Dolores, and their family play a board game together at Artman

“With mom living at Artman, it gives my family peace of mind, knowing that she is safe and has the nursing care when needed and enjoying the socialization and activities that are offered each day. I can stop by and visit her for a cup of coffee, or see her after her fitness routine at The Becoming Center, an extension of Artman,” elaborates MaryAnn.

MaryAnn is a wonderful representative for Artman, as she combines her passion and professionalism in her role with her drive to help prospective residents and their families make great choices for their future.

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