Intergenerational Volunteers

November 29, 2022

Creating engaging programs that entertain Artman residents is a job that Madeleine Byrne, Director of Community Life and Volunteer Coordinator at Artman, clearly enjoys.

In some workplaces, employees bring their children to work, but Madeleine makes it an intergenerational family affair by enlisting the help of her mother, Deborah, and her grandmother, Barbara, to help make Artman’s events truly special.

Preparations for Prom

This summer, Madeleine’s Grandma was hard at work at home in New York, making corsages and boutonnieres so that everyone attending the “Artman Proms from the Past” would receive a beautiful corsage, or a boutonniere.

Madeliene shares, “My mother and grandmother have been scouring Thrift Shops in their area, shopping for dressy clothes that can be put on easily by Prom goers, for taking photographs in the photo booth. Everyone attending likes getting dressed up, having their pictures taken, and sharing good times. The Prom brings back happy memories from the past while creating new experiences for residents.”

When Prom Day Arrives

Deborah and Barbara came down from New York on the day of the prom to help.

When asked why they volunteer, Deborah says, “We have always been a family that loves helping others and caring for our community. We like making people happy, and Madeleine has found her perfect calling here at Artman to do just that.”

“I had a lot of fun making the corsages and boutonnieres,” Barbara adds as she helps residents find the perfect adornment. “To be here now and see their faces light up makes it even more special.”

On the subject of fun, Madeleine adds, “My mom and grandma also volunteer to help with the Annual Artman Tie-Dye Event. By their participation in folding and dying shirts, every resident can have a new tie-dye shirt for the summer festivities.”

According to Madeleine, “Having family members’ volunteer support, alongside other volunteers, enables us to create the many diverse programs that we offer. Without their involvement, contributions and caring, we wouldn’t be able to offer the events that we do to enrich the residents’ lives.”

To find out how you can volunteer at Artman, contact Madeleine Byrne at or visit