Memories Shared Together: Engaging Artman’s Memory Care Residents with IN2L Technology

June 25, 2020

For residents at Artman, the link between memory and care is closer than you may imagine. By using an easy-to-use software called It’s Never Too Late, residents in memory care are able to revisit the past through an assortment of media from their youth including movie clips, radio shows, and music. As part of Inspiring Today, the software empowers users by triggering memories to stimulate the mind in a positive, encouraging way.

“Things that they would not be able to remember come back to them in a rush,” says Katherine McGinnis, a nurse at Artman who leads a group session focusing on IN2L every Wednesday. “They may struggle to remember the name of a song or singer, but as soon as we put their favorite music on they are able to sing along to every word.”

Katherine also uses the program to lead trivia games for the residents. By asking questions comparing prices of goods over time, or popular pastimes, participants are able to better connect their past memories with present information. It’s Never Too Late offers a wide variety of media comprising decades of entertainment, guaranteeing that every participant will find a piece of their past to connect with. Not only does the program help with memory, but it also encourages community building as discussion grows naturally over each session.

Katherine notes that “when I put on a radio show like Bob Newhart, it prompts the residents to share with me and each other what life was like during that time. They talk about what was important to them, and that is wonderful to hear about.”

It’s Never Too Late is both an emotional and mental resource at Artman. By bringing the community together around what the residents love, IN2L sparks memories as well as friendship. The program is offered to all residents in Artman’s memory care program, and is an integral part of Liberty Lutheran’s Inspiring Today model.

Your gift to Artman makes every day meaningful for the residents who call this community home. With your support, engaging memory care activities continue to bring happiness to the people of this community.