One Big Family: Director of Sales and Marketing Shares Her Mother’s Journey Moving to Artman

March 31, 2021

Residents and team members at Artman often describe this community as an extended family.

For Director of Sales and Marketing, MaryAnn McLaughlin, and her mother, Dolores, this sentiment rings true.

“Artman is truly a second home to me. This community is like family. From the moment I walked in, I felt that home-like experience,” MaryAnn reflects.

MaryAnn has worked in the community for nine years and her mother moved in just over a year ago. Prior to working at Artman, she had a career in pharmaceutical sales and later took a break to raise her family.

“I had three children within 18 months of each other,” MaryAnn laughs. “Once they began grade school I decided I wanted to work again,” she adds.

With Artman just a mile from her home, MaryAnn knew that this community would be the perfect place to begin her career in sales and marketing once again.

She began working as Artman’s Director of Sales and Marketing in 2012. Within her role, MaryAnn helps residents and families discover all that this community has to offer and helps them explore which level of care is right for their loved one.

“I am the first point of contact for families and residents when they’re searching for the right place to live and spend their retirement. Whether I’m introducing them to personal care, skilled nursing, memory care, or rehab, what inspires me is meeting those families and guiding them through that informative journey,” she says.

What I enjoy most about my role is connecting with families and helping fulfill their needs. To bring their loved one into a community that fosters compassionate care and the comfort of home is very rewarding.

Artman’s Director of Sales and Marketing, MaryAnn McLaughlin

Discover why residents love living at Artman!

As MaryAnn helps residents and families understand more about the community’s compassionate care, she introduces them to the many benefits of moving to Artman. Whether residents are engaging safely in a wide variety of community life programs, staying active with an on-site gym and state-of-the-art fitness equipment at The Becoming Center, or delighting in five-star quality meals, there are plentiful opportunities to experience a fulfilling lifestyle. Which is exactly why MaryAnn felt confident in recommending Artman for her own family.

A Family Affair: MaryAnn’s mother moves to Artman

MaryAnn and Dolores pose with their family.MaryAnn’s mother, Dolores, moved to Artman in January of 2020. Prior to Artman, Dolores lived alone in a condo in Philadelphia.

“I lived in my condo for 10 years, and it was about a half hour drive for me to visit my children and grandchildren. As years passed it became difficult for me to drive that far, especially at night. And it got progressively harder for me to take care of the condo and go shopping and so forth,” Dolores explains.

With MaryAnn’s help, Dolores took a tour of Artman and was thrilled with the community.

“I was very pleased with everything that was available including the activities and the studio apartment was very nice. I have also heard so many great things about Artman from MaryAnn,” she says.

Dolores also greatly enjoys being close to her family.

“Living at Artman has worked out beautifully for me. I get to see and talk with people every day. It’s brought me closer to my family. I can see my children and grandchildren regularly. They came by last night and took me out to dinner,” she says happily.

For MaryAnn, the greatest benefit since her mom moved to Artman has been knowing that she is safe and well cared for.

When my mom moved to Artman it provided my family peace of mind knowing that she was safe and secure in this community. We wanted her to have more opportunities for socialization and growth. The fact that she can maintain her independence here and meet new people has been amazing.

Artman’s Director of Sales and Marketing, MaryAnn McLaughlin

As Dolores enjoys a fulfilling lifestyle, MaryAnn feels comfort in knowing that at Artman, compassionate care is around every corner. Building lasting memories and meaningful connections, these two demonstrate perfectly how Artman is truly like family.