Painting with a Purpose: Artman’s First-Ever Ornament Painting Party Benefits Benevolent Care Fund

November 21, 2019

With paints and palettes ready, Artman residents, families, and staff expressed their creativity at the community’s first-ever Ornament Painting Party, which raised $1,786 to benefit Artman’s Benevolent Care Fund.

A fun and festive event with plenty of painting and socializing, attendees got to paint their very own ornaments with instructions from the artistic duo, Christina Tarkoff and her daughter, Nicole.

Together, the two artists worked their way around the room as residents and family members delighted in expressing their artistic talents while making memories they will forever cherish. With attendees across generations, including grandchildren, sons and daughters, each resident and family member was thrilled to have creative keepsakes they could make with loved ones by their side.

Starting with blank ornaments, attendees admired festive designs provided by the artists for some painting inspiration. Resident, Mary, was especially inspired by a snowman design and decided to give it a try. “I don’t think his eyes are on the right way,” Mary laughed attempting to paint the snowman’s button eyes as artist, Nicole, helped her use the back of her brush to make two large circles. When Mary completed her frosty snowman, she gave a giant smile to the friends sitting beside her, positively pleased with her creation.

Across the room, the event’s participants decorated their ornaments with all kinds of wonderful designs. Walking from one table to another, Nicole and Christina were amazed and inspired by the lovely creations they saw before them. Artman resident, Marjorie McConnell, also known as Peggy to close friends and family, created a beautiful, abstract print on her ornament that especially caught Nicole’s eye. “That’s beautiful!” Nicole exclaimed as Peggy modestly thanked her.

“This event is so nice,” Peggy’s daughter, Anne, remarked. “It’s really great that I can see my mom involved and having fun with everyone,” she said smiling. “It means a lot to be able to share this with her and it’s so nice to see Artman host these kinds of events. I can’t wait to come again and do this next year.”

A marvelous success, Artman’s first-ever Ornament Painting Party resulted in more than festive holiday decorations. In raising $1,786 for Artman’s Benevolent Care Fund, the Ornament Painting Party gave hope, comfort, and security to all of those who call this community home. Thanks to the kind generosity from donors, participants, volunteers, and staff, residents who have outlived their assets through no fault of their own, are comforted in knowing that at Artman, they will always have a kind and caring home. Thank you to all who benefitted this meaningful cause and made this event a tremendous success.

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