Water Aerobics Classes at the Becoming Center Keep Members and Instructors Smiling While Getting Fit

April 3, 2023

The warm therapeutic pool at the Becoming Center at Artman Senior Living community, in Ambler, PA is maintained at 90 degrees, which makes it the only truly therapeutic pool in the area. Water Aerobics classes are offered six days a week; throughout daily intervals on Mondays through Saturdays, with evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The classes are presented by certified Water Aerobics Instructors and the Becoming Center members alike, who want to get or stay fit by developing endurance, strength, and balance, heal from injuries or manage arthritis in the warm water, all while they enjoy making supportive social connections.

Why Pool Exercise Helps You Stay Fit for The Rest of Your Life

According to certified Water Aerobics Instructor, Maria Witt, “Water is the perfect medium that can help a person stay fit and active for the rest of his or her life.” She adds, “When I retired professionally from teaching and coaching, I wanted to remain active by sharing the joy of movement in the water with others who wanted better lives and better bodies.”

She asserts and the six other instructors and class members concur, “Water Aerobics is a perfect exercise that improves fitness for individuals seeking rehabilitation from injury or surgery, because all joints and muscles benefit from the environment of water. It takes 40-50% of body weight off the joint on impact, yet it strengthens the muscles that work that area of the body.”

I am much stronger and better balanced now that I am in my 70s than when I was younger, thanks to attending classes several times a week.

Dr. Dale, Becoming Center member

The Water Aerobics instructors proudly explain, “All of the Becoming Center Water Aerobics instructors are certified by the Aquatic Exercise Association, which we renew every two years and we are American Red Cross trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and in using an Automated External Defibrillator, (AED) for sudden cardiac arrest,” they add.

Becoming Center Member Testimonials

“Dr. Dale,” a retired Internal Medicine physician, became a fan and a member of the Becoming Center when he was practicing medicine because he saw the benefits its programs provided his patients. Now, he participates in multiple Water Aerobics classes weekly. He asserts, “After 6-8 weeks, individuals find they have improved balance, endurance, range of motion and posture. He says, “I am much stronger and better balanced now that I am in my 70s than when I was younger, thanks to attending classes several times a week.”

Anyone watching members in the Water Aerobics classes can see by their smiling faces that they enjoy the workout along with a shared camaraderie with other members. John, the lifeguard, says, “Some members come six days a week to work out and socialize.”

Barbara is one of the members who attends Water Aerobics classes six days a week. “I just love it,” she says. “All of the instructors have their own unique approach to the class, so I get a varied workout. They emphasize safety first, and advise not to do anything uncomfortable or painful. We have a lot of fun while we are getting exercise,” she adds.

I Just love it!

Barbara, Becoming Center member

A Healing Exercise

Other members started attending Water Aerobics classes to heal after joint replacement surgery. Judy, for example, had both knees replaced eight weeks apart, so she says, “I come to class at least three days a week to regain mobility and range of motion, as well as to develop strength and balance.”

Dr. Dale corroborates that point and adds, “There is no better activity to uplift a person’s attitude and to improve their cardiovascular activity.”

Anthony Byers

Anthony Byers, Director of the Becoming Center, asserts, “Water Aerobics classes at The Becoming Center are a wonderful part of this special place, where everyone works to improve their personal well-being without any judgement from others. Members and the team may come to improve their physical health, but are happy to find that they also improve their mental and emotional well-being through the connections they build with one another.”

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