Finding Friendship and Community: Artman Resident and His Daughter Share Their Journey to Compassionate Care

July 7, 2021

Resident at Artman, Stanley, and his daughter, Paula, feel comfort and peace of mind thanks to Artman’s compassionate care. In their search for a community with kind, caring, and attentive team members, Stanley and his family are thrilled with their decision to call Artman home.

Before moving to Artman, Stanley was living in a local retirement community, and was looking for a place to live with a higher quality of care. Stanley’s daughter, Paula, is married to an orthopedic surgeon and some of his patients are residents at Artman. “All of Artman’s residents spoke so highly about the community. That’s part of why we chose to move my dad here,” Paula explains.

Another reason Paula knew that Artman would be the right home for her father was the community’s continuum of compassionate care. “The quality and continuum of care here was a very big draw for us. If my dad ever needs rehab or anything, Artman has it. He feels safe here and we know that he is taken care of,” she emphasizes.

Finding Friendship and Community

The greatest benefit for my dad since moving to Artman has been having an entire community of people around him who he can relate to, whether it’s for care or companionship. Before, he and my mom were living in their single family home with a caretaker and it just wasn’t stimulating. At Artman, he enjoys having people around him.

Paula M., daughter of resident at Artman

Stanley moved to Artman in March of 2021, and has truly enjoyed meeting the friendly faces of this community. “I’ve met 12 residents since moving in,” says Stanley. “I wrote their names down,” he laughs. “One of the things I really enjoy about living here is getting to eat meals with other people in the dining area,” he adds.

As Stanley enjoys socializing with new friends, care is available to him whenever he needs it.

The entire medical team is fantastic and the nurses are very caring. Housekeeping is wonderful too. Here, everything is taken care of for me and they help me with anything I need. I am very happy living at Artman

Stanley T., resident at Artman

Ensuring the highest quality of care, Artman’s compassionate team goes above and beyond to provide enriching lifestyles that uplift residents’ overall well-being. With a variety of community life activities like outdoor happy hour, weekly exercise classes, music therapy, and more, there are plentiful opportunities for engagement and fun.

Stanley especially enjoys spending time outside.

“The gardens here are beautiful. I love being outside. The other Sunday we had my whole family out there and sat under the umbrellas. It was very nice,” he says as Paula agrees.

Stanley has four children, five grandchildren, and four great grandchildren, all of whom are very happy he’s living at Artman.

“We do a family Zoom meeting twice a week. My dad uses his computer and hooks it up to the TV so he can see all of us on the big screen,” says Paula. “And I have a printer here too so I can print out pictures of my grandkids and great-grandchildren,” adds Stanley.

Getting to know Stanley…

Stanley’s experience with computers extends far beyond hosting family Zooms each week. In fact, Stanley has been studying and teaching computers for years. His first introduction to computers was in 1963 when he was obtaining his Master’s degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. “They had a computer lab where they built the IBM 1620, which is one of the most elementary computers. We would work on that and that’s where I really got interested in learning more about them,” Stanley says.

Before retiring, Stanley served in World War II and then was a science teacher in the Philadelphia School District for 37 years. While there, he successfully obtained a donation of 11 computers and established a computer lab for his students. “What made me really happy about being a teacher was when my students would visit me after they graduated. They’d often come to me with their computer problems though,” he laughs.

When he wasn’t teaching, Stanley would experiment with computers at home for hours and his three sons would join in. “In the summers he brought computers home from school and installed them in our garage. When the garage door was open, neighborhood kids were invited to learn,” Paula reminisces.

After retiring from the Philadelphia School District, Stanley began teaching computer science at a small private school, where he worked for several years. While Stanley carried on an impressive career, he was especially happy to spend life with his wife Shirley, who he was married to for 71 years.

Although Stanley is officially retired now, his love for computers has been passed down through his family. “Two of my brothers have Computer Science and Engineering degrees and when Dad’s first grandchild turned two, he taught him to use our Apple 2C, one of the first Apple computers,” Paula recalls.

Stanley has three computers at Artman and a printer, which he is using to complete a very special project. “Many years ago I started to write a children’s book and I finished the first chapter. It’s all about Mr. and Mrs. Right, and they use the word ‘right’ in every way you can. I’m starting the second chapter and my great granddaughter is drawing the illustrations,” says Stanley.

As Stanley finishes his children’s book, he is happy to spend time with friends and family at Artman. And his daughter and her siblings feel peace of mind knowing that within this community their father is well cared for.

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