One of the Divine Nine Finds New Community and Friendship at Artman Senior Living

October 3, 2023

Josephine with her daughter Nicole at Artman in Ambler, PANicole planned that her mother, Josephine, a well-educated, cultured, retired teacher would remain in her home until the end of her life. Divorced from Nicole’s father early on, Josephine raised Nicole as a single mother, while teaching and pursuing activist causes in Philadelphia.

According to Nicole, “She was a trail blazer; a fiercely independent woman; as a member of the Divine Nine Black Sororities and Fraternities in the country, she was always working to advance the rights of women and African Americans.” Unfortunately, as Josephine grew older, Nicole struggled to take care of her mother at home, even with assistance.

Nicole explains, “Before she moved to Artman Senior Living in Ambler, PA, the quality of her care was just not what I wanted it to be at her house. I was constantly juggling the responsibilities of my career, my husband’s business, and my teenage sons’ needs, while trying to manage her care. At one point last year, the situation became untenable.”

“At home, there were constant scheduling difficulties; people didn’t show up for their shifts. I contacted a former corporate associate to find out where her elderly mother resided, and she told me that her mother lived happily at Artman.”

Artman facadeNicole promptly visited Artman, which is very close to her home, and the environment delighted her. “The cleanliness impressed me, as I am very sensitive to odors. I was amazed by how caringly and supportively the staff and household teams treat the residents,” claims Nicole.

“This fantastic community offers so many services, activities, and celebratory events that as soon as MaryAnn McLaughlin, the Director of Sales and Marketing, told me there was an opening I took it; my mother moved in within days,” says Nicole.

“There are many ways in which her living at Artman has provided comfort and convenience for both of us. It has been especially helpful that the nursing team manages her blood work, so that I don’t need to schedule and accompany her to all of her doctors’ appointments,” adds Nicole.

Josephine stands in a Barbie Box while Artman's Director of Community Life stands beside her.Since moving to Artman, Josephine has made a new best friend. “It has given me peace of mind to know that my mother enjoys good companionship; that she is treated with respect and concern, and that she has the opportunity to enjoy the community of her household at mealtimes, and the larger community for events and programs, like at the recent Barbie Event, during which she enjoyed dancing in the afternoon to the DJ’s music with her friends. Her being safe, secure and well cared for has made an enormous difference in the quality of her daily life, and in mine,” asserts Nicole.

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