What are the Benefits of Water Aerobics? The Becoming Center’s Instructor Shares Her EXPERT Tips

February 10, 2022

This is how water aerobics can benefit you!

  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Reduces impact on joints (low-impact workout)
  • Efficient cardio fitness through interval training
  • Focus on core stability
  • Can improve balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Maintains bone strength with resistance weights
  • Can improve respiration, regaining range of motion with limbs, hands, feet, etc.
  • Ability to exercise at his or her own pace
  • Can reduce joint pain and stiffness particularly in arthritic individuals
  • Research has shown that aquatic exercise can help prevent osteoporosis

Meet The Becoming Center’s Water Aerobics Instructor!

What’s the best way to exercise? Maria Witt, water aerobics instructor at The Becoming Center says it’s all about having fun. That’s how members of this inviting fitness community become their best selves and lead happy, healthy lifestyles. For over 10 years, Maria has helped members of The Becoming Center reach their fitness goals, and she thoroughly enjoys making a difference in their lives, especially during water aerobics class.

“It’s rewarding to see members improve their physical health. When they tell me that they feel good after participating in my classes, and I can see the improvements happening, it’s very exciting,” she says. The Becoming Center offers a wide variety of water and land classes including water aerobics and water tai chi in a newly-renovated therapeutic pool, as well as yoga, strength circuit training, cardio interval training, and personal training with certified exercise physiologists. Maria, specializes in water aerobics because it helped improve her own physical health throughout the years.

Maria began her professional fitness journey later in her life. “I began pursuing fitness as a career after I had my children,” she explains. Maria worked at a bank while her husband finished earning his degree at the University of Pennsylvania, but she felt passionate about fitness. She told her husband that she wanted to become a physical education teacher, and her husband encouraged her to pursue her passion.

Pursuing Her Passion for Fitness

Maria stopped working at the bank. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education and, later, earned her Master’s in Education from Temple University. She became a physical education teacher at Treddyffrin/Easttown School District and at Friends Select School and also coached field hockey, swimming, and tennis. Upon retiring, Maria ran into her own physical health challenges as she was diagnosed with arthritis and underwent two knee replacement surgeries. Her passion for fitness endured despite these challenges.

“I am the type of person who needs to be active. I have loved sports my entire life, and I’ve always been into fitness. I can’t imagine living life without moving,” she says. Water aerobics was the perfect way for Maria to exercise without creating additional stress on her joints. Maria soon became certified by the Aquatics Educational Association. Later, she discovered The Becoming Center’s program.

“I used to go to a gym in the area, and I drove by and saw the sign for The Becoming Center and learned that they had water aerobics. I told my husband, ‘I’m going to give them my credentials and I am going to work there one day’,” she recalls. Maria impressed The Becoming Center team with her 20 plus years of professional fitness experience. Maria soon started teaching the water aerobics class at The Becoming Center. She believes it is one of the best fitness centers in which she has ever had the pleasure of working.

“Everyone at The Becoming Center is so friendly and welcoming, including both the members and the team of professionals,” Maria affirms.

There is no judgement at The Becoming Center and members feel comfortable coming to each class. It’s a very welcoming environment, especially for adults in their retired years. No matter your fitness level, we have classes and certified professionals that will help you reach your health goals.

Water Aerobics Instructor at The Becoming Center, Maria Witt

The Perfect Exercise for Adults in Their Later Years

Maria teaches Water Aerobics and Water Tai Chi classes at The Becoming Center on Artman’s campus in Ambler

“Water aerobics and all of our classes in the pool are especially beneficial to adults in their later years because the water reduces impact on the joints and reduces the risk for injury, which is particularly helpful for arthritic individuals,” Maria emphasizes. She also explains that The Becoming Center’s pool classes will significantly improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Improving your balance is so important because it can prevent injuries, especially falling. I’ve heard so many members tell me that their balance has improved since taking our water aerobics classes, and I can see their progress happening in front of me.

Water Aerobics Instructor at The Becoming Center, Maria Witt

Maria’s classes typically start with a warm up and then progress through interval training, ranging from low, medium, and high intensity. The class includes full range of motion movements through the water, which provides resistance while supporting bodyweight. Maria concludes her classes with a cool down that stretches muscles and brings the heart rate down gradually. She also incorporates pool weights for underwater resistance to strengthen targeted muscles.

“We encourage each member to take the class at their own pace. That’s why all of our classes are suitable for members at any fitness level,” she adds.

Encouraging members of all fitness levels, The Becoming Center goes above and beyond to ensure their programs benefit both physical and mental well-being.

“Our classes are not just for exercise, they’re fun. Our members get to socialize and so many friendships are formed. All of this really benefits their mental well-being in addition to their physical health,” Maria affirms.

“Members enjoy getting out of their house and coming here to exercise. The Becoming Center is a place where they are comfortable and everyone is motivating each other to be their best. Our instructors and exercise physiologists exceed expectations and do everything they can for our members.”

Become a Better You and Make Fitness Fun!