Wellness of All Kinds at The Becoming Center

January 25, 2024

A member walks on a treadmill at The Becoming Center in Ambler, PA

The Becoming Center is a health and wellness center that offers opportunities for active adults to pursue their wellness goals, surrounded by warm, friendly, supportive individuals. In addition to degreed and certified fitness professionals providing fitness evaluation and training with state-of-the-art equipment and classes, this unique Fitness Center offers growing opportunities for intellectual, cultural, and social stimulation. These events provide members, residents, and guests with stimulating opportunities for making social connections within the community in Ambler, PA.

Wellness of All Kinds

A Becoming Center team member watches a member stretch on a table
Four Becoming Center members do water aerobics in the heated pool.
Men's hands make a therapeutic neck massage for a girl lying on a massage couch in a massage spa with dark lighting. Close-up.

According to Anthony Byers, Director of The Becoming Center, “Here, we regard wellness as involving not only physical fitness, but also social, intellectual, and spiritual fitness, so we try to address the needs of the whole person with our programming and classes.”

The Becoming Center enables cultural and social engagement through specific events and programming in Music, Art Shows, and Speaker Series’ in the Yoga Room on a rotating basis.

Anthony explains, “The Art Shows attract local professional artists seeking a venue to exhibit and affords members and guests the chance to see high-quality artwork in a welcoming setting; musicians are often soloists or those who perform in small groups in the Philadelphia area, and speakers in our Speaker Series are local people with a specific depth of knowledge and expertise ranging from history to fashion.

One of our discussions dealt with The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, and another dealt with Contemporary Fashion Design. There is something for everyone to enjoy.”

Building Community Relationships

Residents from the surrounding communities of Bluebell, Ft. Washington, Ambler, and further afield can avail themselves of the Center’s cultural events to extend and build relationships.

Anthony elaborates, “In early December, several area artists exhibited in a group show that included colorful landscape paintings, abstract serigraph prints, and decorative, colorful hand blown glass balls. Two artists met for the first time while delivering their work and, in making a connection, discovered they had both worked for The Philadelphia Museum of Art earlier in their careers.”

The Art Exhibits and Speaker Series Talks are free to attend. There is no jury fee or cost for artists to submit work as there is for many other art shows, for speakers to submit ideas, or for musicians to be considered.

The Musical concerts cost $ 10.00 per person to attend; however, to cover the cost of paying for the musicians, who can be classically or jazz-trained professional performers or well-practiced musical enthusiasts.

For more information about exhibiting, contributing, or participating in the programs, please contact Anthony or Hana Gebre-Mariam at (215) 643- 333. For artists to be considered and scheduled, website links or digital art images can be submitted to Hana, who handles the recruiting, coordinating, and organizing of these events and programs. Interested musicians and speakers can contact Anthony or Hana.

Anthony adds, “All those who have been involved to date have been recommended via word of mouth at the Center which is just another example of the social fabric of the Becoming Center. The social connections members make with one another keep them returning. They derive a great deal of satisfaction in getting out of the house, making friends here, and connecting with them regularly in and outside of classes,” Anthony asserts.

The Benefits of Becoming a Member

A Becoming Center member uses an exercise bikeAt the Becoming Center, membership has its benefits. Now, members can swim and work out, availing themselves of six different land fitness classes or three water classes, from H2O Tai Chi to H2O Aerobics to H2O Arthritis Exercise, have open swims in a hot pool, or sign up for massages with one of the certified therapeutic masseuses for a private appointment.

Then, on the weekends, they can meet friends at a concert, talk, or visit an art show and share that cultural experience.

“Overall, the Becoming Center is the place to be for Wellness of all kinds,” concludes Anthony.

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